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    Type of massage you would like to book, for example: Relaxation,
    Therapeutic, Hot Stone or Couples Massage.

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    120 min. We might not always be able to accommodate a longer treatment
    due to time constraints but we will let you know that before we book.

    We have a 24 hour cancellation policy, so please do give us 24 hours notice if you
    need to cancel. We will do our best to help you move your appointment to a
    different date or time, based on our availability. Of course we take into account
    emergencies that are unavoidable. A late ferry doesn't count so make sure you
    allow lots of time around ferry arrivals.

    We are located on the left side of Spring Street (the main street) as you head up
    from the water. We are just past the movie theater and across the street from a
    building called Island Studios.

    From the Staff at Lavendera,
    Thank you again for contacting us.

    Feel Free to Call:
    Lavendera Massage
    285 Spring Street \ PO Box 2645
    Friday Harbor, WA 98250