Wellbeing Programs


Evolving Well Being has become the larger intention of our services at Lavendera. As the owner I am committed to up-leveling self awareness for the body, mind, heart and spirit giving people access to their deepest desires and their greatest state of health.  We have expanded our services to include transformative coaching and spiritual counseling.

With that vision we are pleased to present the wisdom of many speakers every Thursday night between 6:30 and 8:30 pm. We have included an event calendar to let you know who will be speaking and the theme of the evening. Each 3rd Thursday of the month will be reserved for complimentary treatments for the community. Hopefully we will reach the people who usually can’t afford treatments. Various practitioners from other fields such as chiropractic and nutritional health will join us as well.

I hope this will inspire you to begin to define your health in an entirely different way.

With all my heart,
Ciely Ti Gray